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Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker's Myanmar New Year message


On the occasion of the Myanmar New Year, may all ethnic national brothers and sisters in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and abroad be well both physically and mentally. May they be at peace and happy on the occasion of the Myanmar New Year.

On the occurrence of the New Year, people are to take lessons from the troubles, difficulties, strength, weaknesses and challenges faced in the past year. The people and ethnic nationals of the country are to unite in friendship to achieve a better future, new opportunities for success in the coming year with fresh body, mind and strength.

With the aim toward benefiting the people, the parliaments are drawing up and enacting laws for peace, rule of law and national reconciliation, and to amend or repeal laws that are not in harmony with the time and the system.

In doing this, I pledge that our legislative pillar, the parliaments, will provide check and balance to the administrative and judicial sectors in the best possible ways so that it becomes stronger and effective, are in accordance to the norms of the democracy and is of benefit to the people and the country.

May the federal democracy union be established with the collective strength of the people and the ethnic nationals. May the citizens of Myanmar have a prosperous and peaceful life on the occasion of the New Year. May the suspicions and hatred cease and egoistic prides be discarded. May they follow the true teachings of their religions.