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Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker delivers speech at the ceremony of 3rd Anniversary of Second Hluttaws


The Second Hluttaws reached their third year, the legislative pillar has amended, repealed, and enacted laws that were coherent with modern times. He expressed his gratitude to the MPs and Hluttaw staff who have tried their best to fulfill the aspirations, desires and hopes of the public.

Mhan Win Khaing Than urged MPs to continue striving for public safety and protection under the law, to enact laws relevant to modern times, and to cast away favoritism to a single party, race, region or personal factors, as the Hluttaw members continued on the path to implementing a democratic system. He told MPs to continue cooperating towards a people-centered democratic system as they carried out their remaining legislative duties either as the Hluttaw, part of a committee, or on an individual basis. Being the representatives of the people, MPs must continue striving for the benefit of the nation and the people as there was no other component more essential than the Hluttaw in enacting laws for the basic rights, democracy, and socioeconomic development of the people, said Mahn Win Khaing Than.

For the entire Union to achieve uniform development across its highlands and flatlands, MPs needed to listen and understand the wishes and requirements of the people to be true to the Hluttaw's motto of "People's Voice, Hluttaw's Voice, People's Will, Hluttaw's Will, People's Expectations, Hluttaw's Implementation" said the Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker. He concluded by urging the attendees to use their experience gained over the three years of the Second Hluttaws, and to base them on Union spirit, as the people headed towards a peaceful and developed democratic federal Union together.